Sebastian Telmer
Sebastian Telmer
curious // ambitious // optimist

Photography is both an art form and a tool. An art form in that it has the ability to capture moments, forever freezing time in a still frame. It can tell stories, whether of buzzing cityscape, the wild nature or of the life of an individual in the case of a powerful portrait. By the same token a photo becomes a tool in never forgetting the captured moment capable of telling a story that can captivate people. The act of sharing an image is absolutely essential. To me at least. When shared, it becomes of value, not only for that artist behind it, but for people around the world. A photograph can be capable of so many things - not sharing them would be a pity. 

Photography is for a my way of contributing to the visual story of the planet. 

My name is Sebastian S. Telmer, and quite frankly, I'll be forever mesmerised by photography. 

I find it difficult to pinpoint a specific time or place where I consciously felt excited about photography. Since my dad has been a photographer for more than 30 years it has always been around me. I got to hold his camera, he'd show me his shots and tell me the stories and eventually I'd get to play around with the family camera. For a long time I never truly understood why my dad, did what he did. I found it cool and exciting, but I never understood the reason behind it. I have now learned that it is a matter of storytelling.

By the age of 14 I bought my first camera, and I have since then upgraded and sought out knowledge on my own. 

We all have a drug that gives us a high. Some do actual drugs - don't do that - some eat too much, some exercise, some skydive and so on. I get my high when seeing a shot on the on-camera screen that I immediately know I can get something out of. There is this moment where I get like "this is the one".

Each shot has got its own story to it, and sharing that with people has become a passion of mine. 

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