This might be a long one, but there is so much tell!

My friend TG ready for the longest zip line in Central America

My friend TG ready for the longest zip line in Central America

We've found the Costs Rica we've been looking for!

We had arrived in Monteverde in the dark so we really didn't have a clue about what to expect of our surroundings. We had planned to get picked up at 7:30am to go zip lining, yet as mentioned previously, I had woken up at 5am. A little before 7 I got out of bed, put on some clothes and decided to go for a little walk on my own. I've always found the feeling of waking up somewhere new for the first time special, but nothing compares to this.

Monteverde is a small village in the mountains, about 1,6km above sea level, so the light of the morning was absolutely beautiful as it hit the mountains. Peaceful, quite and pure bliss.

We got picked up by the zip lining company according to plan and we were all very excited. The staff got us harnessed up and instructed us in how to brake and avoid spinning around once we were dangling from a rope attached to a wire high above the ground. Our instructor also said that platform 7 was the final call for those who didn't want do the long and more nerve wrecking ones. At this point I did my best to try and remember the number 7.

With multiple platforms installed in the tree tops of the rainforest there were wires tighten between them. One at a time we got attached to the wire, leaned back, hand on the cable to brake and off we went. The first ones were small for you to get a feeling of it. By the third or fourth we were cruising through the forest absolutely enjoying life. The hanging bridges between some of the platforms would normally had been an experience in itself, but the zip lining though!?

By platform 7 we just went for it. This was the longest zip line in Central America - a 1590 meter long wire going from one mountain to another. Amazing! The next one was called the superman swing. Previously we had been attached by the waist to the wire, in a sitting position, however this one had us hanging flat in the air attached at our backs with our arms out like superman. The dealbreaker of this one in particular was when there were no more trees and the landscape opened up. It literally felt like flying - and to fly over the Costa Rican rainforest was simply fantastic. Just wow.

Then came the Tarzan swing. At this point I was hardly thinking. I just did what ever they asked me to do and went with the flow. This final adrenalin rush meant that we had to walk on a hanging bridge to a platform raised between 40-50 meters above the ground. At the end of the bridge there was a gate and an instructor. The Tarzan swing it is called, which means that you get attached to a wire with a bungee cord at the end. He checked that everything was correct with my harness, and suddenly I was standing at the end of the bridge pulled towards the closed gate by the tightened wire. He held me back and opened the gate - "now bend your knees and let go, pura vida". I screamed for about a second and then the air sort of got sucked out of me - I couldn't scream anymore. Completely mute for about a second, and then the release of emotions Swinging back and forth after 45 meters of free fall was unbelievable. Too crazy and mind blowing to think of, yet we did it. We were all totally high after that experience and the clock hadn't even turned 10 yet.

We got home to our Airbnb, had a bit of fruit and lunch and looked into what to do with the rest of our day. Monteverde is known for its forest reserve, so off we went on another adventure. We had the most amazing hike around the rain forest with amazing views all around us. At one point we came by a beautiful hanging bridge that we had all to ourselves - a bit of a photoshoot launched itself - we got creative and had loads of fun!

These days we get up quiet early and then set off. We eat a lot of peanut butter banana sandwiches, mangos, watermelon, pineapple and frijoles (mashed black beans with spices). Our legendary cheap dinners consists of wraps with frijoles, rice, avocado, fried onions with cumin and spicy chilli sauce. We stock up on the above things whenever we hit up a supermercado. We are all quite happy with the food situation to say the least.

Each night, when the sun sets at around 6pm we're completely exhausted. We eat dinner and then pass out.

Life isn't too bad at the moment - not that it ever was, but its kinda peaking down here.


All the best