3 emails worth your time

Unless you’re super nazi about your inbox, I think most of us can relate to having one that is constantly full of irrelevant emails from companies you don’t really care about; products you once bought, services you once liked, far away airport WiFi providers you used once or games you played for a month during your first year on Facebook. That’s my inbox half of the time at least.

However, now and again an email pops in that actually not too bad, some of them even manage to provide me with actually value that I can convert into something of meaning and purpose. Here’s my list of newsletters that I actually enjoy.

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#ShotOniPhone // London Photo Essay

At times, I find that the more equipment I carry around, the more complicated the actual process of capturing moments becomes. This lens, that filter, this body, oh a drone, 1000 different settings etc. Don’t get me wrong, I love my gear and I remain quite frankly, a gear head, but sometimes all you need is the simplest of workflows, and wandering a city only shooting with my phone is just that.

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"What if ?" - A Train of Thought

I was brought up to be optimistic, to always look at the glass as being half full and to genuinely believe that the sky is the limit, but, still bearing in mind that big dreams demands hard work. The aspect of optimism, being one of the things about my upbringing that I am without a doubt the most grateful for. The before mentioned provides me with a heartfelt belief that everything will turn out just fine, that I will live a happy life and that my goals and dreams are within reach. It convinces me that I can face and overcome what life throws my way, and that I can build a life myself and for others.

Until it doesn't.

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Sebastian Telmer
Now I get it

I was so incredibly fortunate to be “man down“ with the nost pathetic of man flu’s from Christmas Eve until January 1st - great.. BUT, after watching Harry Potter all the way through, 1,5 times, and yes that was all 8 films plus watching the first 4 again, I finally turned my outlook inwards. It was after all that time of year where New Year Resolutions start to form themselves in your mind - at least in mind. A few ideas struck me and I thought of a few changes I would make in 2019. Here are three things I realized during the first week of the year that people have been telling me for years.

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Half marathon training in 1 month

I’m not a runner, nor have I ever had a distinct desire to become one. At least, that was the case up until last Sunday, the 16th. of September 2018 where I ran my first half marathon - also my first time on a distance longer than 15km. Here is an insight on how training plans and running with a purpose, changed my perspective on running completely, and has led me to train for a full distance marathon.

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