#ShotOniPhone // London Photo Essay


After a summer with no trip down south to catch some of the Mediterranean summer, I mid November suddenly found my self with two trips planned. Two trips to London, two weekends in a row. The first one was for family purposes, and for the second one I was attending the Nitto ATP Tour Finals in tennis - mainly because Roger Federer, the best player of all time, was playing. Packing for both trips, I hesitated in bringing my big DSLR camera that I normally shoot with. Mainly because I knew I wouldn’t have much time to shoot anyway, but also because I felt the urge to challenge myself creatively. It is in all fairness rather easy to capture a technically good image with an expensive camera, but I felt like testing out how much I could get out of my phone - an iPhone 8. I wondered how much of a story I was able to convey with iPhone images only - accordingly, I brought everything, but ended up only using my phone as well as my old 35mm analog camera.

The images below are therefore shot two weekends apart, 100% shot and edited on my iPhone, using the regular iPhone camera app, and all of them are edited with the VSCO app.


Despite injuries, I have recently gotten into running, so I had really looked forward to running in a new city. Along the route, I snapped a few shots in spite of my hate for having to stop on my runs, but I just couldn’t help myself. With the run done, a cup of coffee felt well deserved.

A0ED4E95-C0CF-45CA-A44F-145FC15A2D7D 2.JPG

At times, I find that the more equipment I carry around, the more complicated the actual process of capturing moments becomes. This lens, that filter, this body, oh a drone, 1000 different settings etc. Don’t get me wrong, I love my gear and I remain quite frankly, a gear head, but sometimes all you need is the simplest of workflows, and wandering a city only shooting with my phone is just that.


As a kid, both before and after I visited the city, I was really obsessed with New York and everything about it - the vibe, it’s attitude, the greatness, the small corners, the parks - everything. That still goes, but the more I visit London, the more I fall in love with this amazing city too. Accordingly, there are a few places always visit when I’m in town. Whenever I visit cities I primarily make my way around by walking. This is clearly exemplified in that when I visited London for 36 hours over New Year’s Eve I walked about 50km - honestly the best way to see the city.

I have put together a map on google where you can see some of the spots I really like in the city. They are far from unique, but I try to hit up most of them if I can.
LINK: @sebtelmer London Spots


That’s it for London, at least for now. I’m currently sat in Cape Town, South Africa, finishing up this post that has been lying around for months - everything in its own time I guess. I hope you enjoyed the read, got a little inspiration too maybe, and hopefully you’ll be shooting more on your phone from now on. To me, the best thing about phone photography, is when I months later find myself scrolling through my camera roll and reliving all the small moments.