Now I get it

I was so incredibly fortunate to be “man down“ with the most pathetic case of man flu from Christmas Eve until January 1st - great… BUT, after watching Harry Potter all the way through, 1,5 times, and yes that was all 8 films plus watching the first 4 again, I finally turned my outlook inwards. It was, after all, that time of year where New Year Resolutions start to form themselves in your mind - at least in mine. A few ideas struck me and I thought of a few changes I would make in 2019. Here are three things I realized during the first week of the year that people have been telling me for years.


I have experimented with routines before - both morning and night routines, but nothing has ever really felt right or done anything I particular for me. At least not in a sort of quantifiable way. Until now that is. By the same token, I think, in retrospect, that I’ve always tried to do too much, as opposed to just trying out a few different things at the time. Daniel Jensen introduced me to the simple version of Tim Ferriss’ morning routine. Having committed to his suggestions for about a week now, I must admit that a morning routine really does make a difference - at least for me, and I felt the difference surprisingly fast. I find that it creates a needed structure that sets me up for the rest of the day, in a way I really like, as well as in a way that I have never felt before. However, it is making it a habit that makes the difference. Every other day does not change a thing - the essence of the magic is in the daily habits. Those habits, are the ones that keep you on track. Doing the same 3-5 things, first thing after you wake up, kind of sets the intent for the rest of the day, and I find that it really hones me in on what today is all about.


You were right mom. It took me 22 years to realize this, but now the time has come. Lack of a decent amount of order in my surroundings stresses me out, and it probably has for a long time without me realizing. Whether it is my car, my room, taxes - whatever it is, lack of order results in a lack of feeling in control, and that particular feeling is far from comfortable. Lack of control can weigh you down like nothing else. This does not mean that I now have a crazy Monica Geller like cleaning tendency (if you do not know who Monica is, I suggest you take a long and hard look at your Netflix habits, and perhaps your childhood/youth..). It is simply a matter of more order than chaos. Maintaining a sense of perspective and overview - that is the essence of it. Getting rid of stuff that just otherwise fills up empty space and tidying up as you go, as opposed to dealing with it when it seems unbearable to even start.


You were right on this one as well mom. Starting from when we were kids, we have become accustomed to mom and dad rushing us to bed, in order for us to get proper amounts of sleep. Enough sleep, ensures better learning in school, more rest for our muscles and general rest for the mind. I, as a kid in particular, saw absolutely no value in sleep what so ever though. I hated it. Because, and this being the most hilarious and childish reason ever - it was boring as hell. However, having gone through 2018 with more colds, more off days health-wise, more headaches, more flus etc. than what I assume is the average, I have had to look at my sleep. The conclusion? I need 7 hours of sleep in a pretty consistent rhythm. Furthermore, snoozing, as flipping tempting as it can be, does not give me the feeling of being more rested, in fact it does the exact opposite. After snoozing, I feel drowsy and off, and it takes me longer to “wake up” properly. Additionally, I sense that the hours of sleep I get before midnight, are increasingly important in feeling rested the next day. 7 hours from 22.30-6.30 feels better than 23.30-7.30 or 00.30-8.30 for that matter.


You have probably heard it all before as they are far from new or original ideas, and that’s fine.

But, if my realizations have in any way initiated a thought process for you, which I hope it has, then please bear in mind that the answer is not to change a thousand aspects at once. One thing at the time - the opposite will be both ineffective and stressful. Secondly, the general interwebs, YouTube, Blogs, Instagram etc. is absolutely packed with suggestions on how you SHOULD and MUST change X Y and Z NOW. There is no point in fussing about implementing other people's ideas of what a good morning or day, should look like if it does not feel right. I think that’s the key here - don’t be afraid to test and experiment on your own.  Try out different things, be patient, do a little research and with time you will have a setup that works for you. If it does not click with you after testing it out for some time, try something else.

I guess there are some things that you have to realize on your own.

Keep going.