Tactical Tuesday: Top 3 things I changed in week 1 of 2019


If you read the previous post on the blog, you will know about the Tim Ferris Morning Routine. If that is not the case, allow me to quickly break it down:

  1. Make your bed

  2. 15 push ups

  3. Journal and/or meditate

  4. 2x glasses of water

As soon as I’d finished the video with Ferriss I knew that this was simple enough for me to actually try out and see how it felt. And it felt good. Really good. I’ve tested numerous things before, but committing to the 4 points above, has made an actual change. For it to work for me in the first place, it had to be simple, which it definitely is. I don’t have to drink a special tea, write in a certain notebook, follow a specific app or anything like that. Ferriss’ routine is dead simple and will take you 5-10 minutes to get through depending on your preferences - a little more if you do the meditation.

I sense that if I can start my day head on, completing 4 small tasks, then that affects the rest of the day. Doing this daily, I feel more energized, more focused, I get more done and it sets the intention for the rest of the day.

A screenshot from the other day. Apparently I’m so simple minded that seeing this really motivates me to keep going.

A screenshot from the other day. Apparently I’m so simple minded that seeing this really motivates me to keep going.


Having played sports all my life, it is pretty safe to say that competition motivates me. Committing to changing a few things in 2019 and picking up a few new habits, I knew I had to make it increasingly fun for me to actually turning them into actual habits. That was when I remembered an app called Habit List that Chase Jarvis once advocated for - a guy that I really look up to when it comes to almost everything in life. Habit List makes it super easy to track exactly what the name suggests; habits. Set up whatever you want to commit to, add reminders if you so desire, how often you want to do X Y and Z, and easily tick them off as you go. Furthermore, the app provides statistics on streaks which is perfect for my OCD tendencies. This app has made more of a difference than I had imagined, and I really encourage you to check it out.


At least when it comes to books - and yes I know of the Kindle, and I’d say that that counts as a book as well.

At it’s core, I out of the blue felt a strange sense of shame for not reading more books. In fact, let’s scratch that - for not reading ANY books. Take the Harry Potter series for instance - the almost literal literary foundation of my generation, and I have only made it half way through three of them - BUT WATCHED ALL THE FILMS… That had to change. So, very unlike what I usually do, I set the bar ridiculously low, so that it appears impossible for me not to reach it; read 1 book every month. Seems doable right?

So, what kind of value is there in reading books? There is of course the obvious one of diving into a story or learning something new. Fictional books isn’t really on my mind at the moment, but I might get there. Secondly, the time spent on books isn’t spent behind a screen, which, in this day and age, I see as a definite positive. I for one is incredibly guilty of using electronic devices, and I will continue to do so, but I think we can all agree that we might use our phones especially, maybe a tad too much.

Lastly, it struck me that I have always loved book shopping, but they haven’t done anything but collect dust on the shelf - too many of them having not even been opened since I bought them. That doesn’t make any sense at all, and is quite frankly a waste of money and space of you don’t read them. For the curious, I’m currently making my way through a book called “12 Rules for Like - An Antidote to Chaos“ by the slightly controversial author Jordan Peterson. There is some general truths in this book that I think A LOT of people would benefit from reading, so I recommend you check it out.

Reach out anyway you want if you have any comments, feedback or thoughts on the above - I’d love to hear from you!

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