3 emails worth your time

Unless you’re super nazi about your inbox, I think most of us can relate to having one that is constantly full of irrelevant emails from companies you don’t really care about; products you once bought, services you once liked, far away airport WiFi providers you used once or games you played for a month during your first year on Facebook. That’s my inbox half of the time at least.

However, now and again an email pops in that actually not too bad, some of them even manage to provide me with actual value that I can convert into something of meaning and purpose. Here’s my list of newsletters that I actually enjoy.

Tim Ferriss: Five Bullet Friday

If you don’t know Tim already, he is the author of several bestsellers as well as the host of the wildly successful podcast, The Tim Ferriss Show. The idea of Ferriss' Five Bullet Friday is simple, and therein lies the elegance. We are all busy and most of us don’t set aside time to read longer texts, which is also why most recommend emails no longer than 3-5 lines, and thus, all you get here is 5 bullets. The headline of each bullet tends to vary a little, but in general, you'll get an insight on what Tim, is currently reading, pondering, learning about, listening to, watching or similar, and then usually a quote as well. Each email is like a 2-minute read, so there are no excuses for not getting through it. Additionally, as it comes out on Fridays, it provides you with a few well-considered suggestions for the weekend.

You can sign up for Tim’s Friday newsletter here.

If you end up subscribing to Tim’s email, I imagine you’ll end up with a need to write down things you’ll want to get to in the future - books, movies, articles etc. The app SOON, is quite perfect for that, and I use it for almost everything that is recommended to me.

Ramit Sethi 

I was initially introduced to Ramit via an episode on either The Chase Jarvis Live Show (a podcast), or the podcast from the above mentioned Tim Ferriss - I don’t remember which one as I’ve listened to both. But, Ramit is quite the genius when it comes to personal finance and behavioral psychology. Moreover, he is the author of the brilliantly named book “I Will Teach You To Be Rich“ which I actually own, but haven’t read yet(however beware that it’s a highly recommended book, so don’t be fooled by the very marketing-friendly title)What is interesting about Ramit's newsletters, is that it’s like receiving an email from someone you know. There’s no fancy layout or anything like that, and they are all signed off with a simple “Ramit” making it increasingly more personal despite it being sent out to thousands of people. 

Finally, what I have come to really appreciate about the emails from Ramit, is the thought process that it provokes or encourages. Add to that, that his entire way of communicating is brutally honest, to the point and without bullshit, makes it so much more appealing to me.

If you want to get to know Ramit, I suggest you check these to podcast episodes from back when he was on Tim Ferriss’ Podcast. Ep 33 (Part 1) + Ep 34 (Part 2)

You can sign up for Ramit’s emails here.

Johnny & Iz Harris

This one is for the filmmakers, photographers and general creatives. You might know Johnny Harris from his videos series called “Borders” that he does for Vox Media on YouTube. Iz Harris is as her surname might suggest, Johnny’s wife, and she is a filmmaker on YouTube as well - she does different series, travel videos and is super honest, which I really like. Both of them are highly talented at what they do, and despite two kids and family life, they still manage to produce high-quality videos. 

Johnny and Iz’s approach is a little like Ferriss’ - they include things they like, have been inspired by, the music they listen to etc. as well as some news on their situation. It is still fairly new so I assume it will develop further over time I like them and their work, so it’s kind of a cozy way to get to know them a little more.

You can sign up here

Johnny Harris’ Youtube
Iz Harris Youtube

Let me know if you end up subscribing to any of the above, and if you have any suggestions on emails I should sign up to, let me know!